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Heavy Duty Mattress Storage Bag

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  • Great for Moving and Storage
  • Durable and Rip Resistant
  • Convenient Adhesive Closure

Moving is not great; however, a durable bag that protects your mattress while you move is super great. This mattress bag is made of heavy duty 4-mil material to effectively keep moisture, dirt, and pests away from your mattress during a move or in storage. It has a closure flap with a double adhesive seal for easy use and reliable protection. Mattress bag can also be used to protect furniture while painting or to bag your Christmas tree for tidy removal.

mattress in a storage bag leaning up against a garage wall

Moving Day Essential

Rip-resistant mattress bag easily slides over and completely surrounds your mattress or box spring to protect it for moving, storage, or disposal.

a close-up of water droplets beading up on the bag material

100% Waterproof

100% waterproof polyethylene bag keeps out all liquids, dust, dirt, and bugs to keep your mattress clean and fresh while protecting it.

an upholstered chair inside of a storage bag

Heavy Duty Storage Bag

Four-mil mattress storage bag is made of rip-resistant, heavy weight material with a double adhesive seal to reliably protect your mattress.

Down to the Last Detail


  • King: 94" x 96"
  • Queen: 76" x 96"
  • Twin: 54" x 96"


  • 100% waterproof polyethylene


Will this mattress bag tear?

Will this mattress bag tear?

How do you close this mattress bag?

This mattress bag has a convenient double adhesive closure for added protection from dust moisture, and pests. To close this bag after covering your mattress, simply fold the excess material over and press firmly to seal.

Can this bag be used for other purposes?

You can use this mattress bag for any storage or protection application, such as covering yard furniture, storing a christmas tree, keeping dust off of furniture in storage, etc.

How thick of a mattress will this mattress bag fit?

How thick of a mattress will this mattress bag fit?

What are the different size options for this mattress bag?

This mattress bag comes in 3 separate sizes: Twin XL size bags fit both Twin and Twin XL mattress or box spring; Queen size bags fit Full, Full XL, and Queen mattresses or box spring; King size bags fit both King and California King mattresses or box spring.

Does this mattress bag come as a two-pack to cover both a mattress and box spring?

This only includes one mattress bag per pack.

Is this mattress bag waterproof or water-resistant?

This mattress bag is 100% waterproof, and works great at keeping out all liquids, dust, dirt and bugs, but it may not have a perfect seal against long-term humidity exposure. Because of this, we recommend storing your mattress in this bag in a cool, dry place, if possible.

Is this a good option to use to dispose of your mattress?

Absolutely! This bag works great for that purpose.

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