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Orthopedic Wedge Pillow

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  • Unique Design Gently Elevates the Head
  • Positions the Body for Optimal Comfort
  • Machine Washable Cozy Velour Cover

Give yourself props for finding a pillow that offers exceptional comfort and support. This foam pillow can be used for reading in bed, or you can sleep on it to position the body and head for relieving the symptoms of heartburn, sinus issues, or snoring. It's made of supportive foam and has a removable, washable cover.

woman sleeping on pillow

Comfort and Support

Super soft comfort foam offers exceptional support that works to properly align your spine to relieve pressure points.

woman on wedge pillow sleeping

Optimal Angle

Sleeping at a slight angle with the Linenspa Wedge Pillow helps reduce congestion, heartburn, sinus issues, and snoring.

Zipper on pillow

Removable Cover

Cozy velour cover is removable and washable so you can easily keep your favorite pillow clean and comfortable

Down to the Last Detail


  • Width: 24"
  • Length: 24"
  • Height: 7"


  • Cover: 100% Polyester Mesh
  • Fill: 100% Polyurethane Foam


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What are the dimensions of this wedge pillow?

The dimensions of this pillow are 24" wide x 24" long x 7" tall.

Is this pillow hard or will it conform to my head and shoulders?

This pillow is made with comfort foam that will conform to the body curves to minimize pressure points. It will be a firmer feel pillow as it is designed to support individuals to help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux or congestion.

Does this pillow smell?

This pillow is unscented and any "new smell" noticeable upon unpackaging will dissipate completely.

How long does this pillow take to expand?

This pillow is compressed for convenient and economical shipping. It will expand to advertised dimensions within 48 hours of unpackaging

What are the benefits of a wedge pillow?

Sleeping on a slight incline can help to alleviate acid reflux, snoring, and sinus congestion.

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